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At Bunting e-Magnets UK , we love Magnets!  In fact, we are crazy about them.  Strong Magnets, Big Magnets, Spherical Magnets, or whatever shape or size, we think that they are great.

We are Bunting e-Magnets UK and we supply people and companies with Magnets all over the world.  We help and provide advice on what Magnets are best to suit any specific application.

This blogging site is all about Magnets, looking at myths and the magic that is a Magnet.  So if you want to know a bit more about Magnets and Magnetism, then please take a look through our blogs.  And there are more to come every week.

Also, the Bunting e-Magnets UK website is packed full of photos and information on thousands of Magnets.  All the Magnets can be purchased online via the Bunting e-Magnets UK shop.

And if you need any help, just get in touch!

Just remember, Magnets are fun!


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